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ICAMAP Investors I

Actively Unlocking Hidden Potential

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- Overview - 

ICAMAP Investors I focuses on investments in small and mid-cap

European real estate companies

With €750 million of assets under management (including co-investments), ICAMAP Investors I aims to be a long-term capital partner working closely with management, shareholders and other stakeholders.

We create adaptable capital solutions aimed at delivering growth in value over several years. We target sound businesses with strong potential. All capital investments are aimed at unlocking and accelerating growth in the companies we choose to support.

- Investment Approach - 

ICAMAP combines the long-term, management-supportive approach of private equity with the adaptability of special situations capital, employing a disciplined, value-oriented approach to investing

We have implemented a differentiated investment strategy focused primarily on listed European Real Estate small and midcap companies. 

Central to our approach is a detailed property-by-property analysis in combination with our ‘Value Creation Cycle’. It is our strong belief that companies which operate their portfolios optimally in combination with a lean cost and capital structure will be rewarded by capital markets with a higher share price that in turn may be used as a currency for future growth.

- Publicly Disclosed Portfolio -

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